The Man Show (Concert)

The Man Show will feature the guys who played backup at two Sweet Sweet Music concerts last year. As the guys take the stage, the Bronettes will play backup. Like the other concerts, this concert features a broad array of vocal and instrumental harmony from a talented group of Fauntleroy musicians. Featured performers include Greg Dirks, Kevin Finney, Jeff Van Gilder, and David Yanacek.*

According to band leader Bronwyn Edwards Cryer, "The blokes declared they wanted the limelight after the first Sweet Sweet Music. They get to sing their favorite guy-songs, like The Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin and Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelberg. There's lots more! The boys are pretty excited, and you can bet it will be feisty and fun!"

A $5 donation at the door is requested. Dessert and coffee are included.

*Also appearing: Sarah Ackers, John Bjornsen, Betsy Boyer, Bronwyn Edwards Cryer, Laura Grit, Fred Hazeltine, and Irene Stewart.
Fauntleroy Community Association


Fellowship Hall, Fauntleroy UCC
9140 Fauntleroy Way SW
Seattle, WA